Life is not a bed of roses and not everyone is born with silver spoons and forks in their mouth so that’s how the world of fashion is evolved.

Fashion’s birth has been very slow through the womb of Mother Earth,cautiously going from Primates being completely naked till present day where fashion,trends,forecasting rule and rock the world.

So guys and gals as we always talk about global fashion accross British,American Empires we need to understand that the influence has been homogeneosly been through vast cultural diversity of all the continenents spread accross the world.So in this blog,i write about the influx of fashion at Pan Global scale.

Image result for primates evolution
The rise of present day man from no fashion sense to “fashion consciousness”

In the 1800’s, woman could be spotted  in a floor length dress at any time of day or night. In this century that the high waisted empire gown was introduced as an iconic fashion piece; and  the empire dress started featuring a square neckline.There was trend of empire dresses,parasols and hats.P.S..If you compare with that time sitting in a time machine you would have been shocked how women could carry stuff like that almost everyday!!

Related image
Costume of the past empire line dress of 1800s
Image result for parasols 1800s
Lace velvet parasol giving grace to Ladies around!!!

In 1900 s there was eruption of haute couture, translated literally as “high sewing,” in Paris. New haute couture garments in the early 1900’s were custom-made and hand-sewn with a remarkably high price tag, as remains the custom today.The custom made is the most sought after fashion till present since people like to be uniqueally different and differently unique.LOL..

Image result for haute couture 1900s
Lace and net dresses with trains…

Fashion trends of the Western world as upper-class women sought after haute couture garments exclusively. Women started visiting equesterian sports like the horse races, providing the prime opportunity for an exuberancy.There was remarkable increased of women wearing short skirts,dropped waists by name of “Flapper”,side button waistcoats and bobbed haircuts usually blonde with sheer stockings and pants which showed women now wished to break barriers of femininty and start cross dressing.The women became conscious about their sexuality and appeal .Flapper feels like wings flapping about but is it so?

Image result for flapper
Women enjoying their new found freedom of becoming Bold and Beautiful with Flappers

Image result for flapper

World War-1 and World War-2 saw the beginning of minimalistic and fashion based on millitary based regime with women going at the front to fight for their motherland and involving with men in strategies so came the rise of utility clothing designs such as padded shoulders,tight dresses,halter tops and American Fashion by name of GIBSON GIRL and also the birth of bathing suits .Before this time period women have been shying away of revealing their selves which was now reduced in becoming forthcoming to bold and beautiful concept.Gosh..If bathing suits had not been invented where would have been the business of lingerie and bikini be?

Image result for gibson girl
Gibson Girls with their grace

Image result for gibson girl look

In the 1950’s, designers and fashion lovers were ready to break free of the minimalism inspired by both world wars. By New Look fashion by Christian Dior, luxurious garments returned with elaborate accessories. The 1950’s was also the decade where clothing began mass production, and standard sizes were created for a woman’s figure.

Image result for mass production garments 1950s
Mass Production-the beginning …

Thus rose cocktail dress made famous by Dior,circle skirt which could be worn during evening cocktail parties,poodle skirt and pedal pushers and saddle shoes and surely it was time to celebrate,get-together,rejoice and have fun!!!

Image result for cocktail dresses1950s

In 1960s,Mod fashion of London became most sought after with people going for printed bell-bottoms and high boots and introduction of Unisex fashion and slowly giving way to pshychedelic prints on t-shirt and Indian prints being recognised internationally and two famous designers ruling the market YVS and CK…

Related image

pshychedelic prints with rise of rock band and easy to wear clothing

So guess what there was lot of things you gotta know about the past today and hope we design a time machine pretty soon for you to be part of different eras and have as much fun as we can roaming about in different costumes and bringing back lot of cool

So next time we continue our journey with other eras…


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